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Hi Friends,

Welcome back to the Conversationalist Blog! Today’s post is dedicated to my pup & best friend, Alfie, in honor of his adoption anniversary/”gotcha-day.”

“I didn’t know there were empty places in my heart until you came and filled them up.” – Jane Lee Logan

Dear Alf,

2018 was one of the toughest years of my life, but rescuing you was the best decision I made. On Tuesday December 11th, 2018 Dad and I were eagerly waiting for you at 6:30 a.m. outside the shelter gates. We were so excited to make you a part of our family and bring you to your forever home. From the moment I first saw you at the entrance of your kennel, your eyes were filled with so much fear; I still remember how scared you were to even approach us at the door. But after interacting with you for some time, I knew in my heart that I wanted to give you a better life.

Shelter ID | Name: none | Breed: mini poodle mix | Weight: 17 lbs

Wednesday December 12th, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. |Homecoming day

You walked into our lives and as a family we are happier, stronger and more complete with you by our side. From our daily walks to evening cuddle sessions, every moment spent with you has been so special and I’m so blessed to have been there to witness each one of them.

“When I needed a hand I found your paw.” -Anonymous

Thank you for healing me with kindness, gentleness, love and friendship. When we crossed each other’s path we were both so vulnerable, but I’m honored that you trusted me, sister, mommy & daddy to give you a new life – one filled with infinite smiles.

In the spirit of celebrating your first year as a member of the Khatri family, let’s rewind the reel back to the beginning of your story.

  • December 24th, 2018 – 1st grooming | you were absolutely terrified by the hair dryer, but I was so proud at how patient you were throughout the process
  • December 25th, 2018 – 1st Christmas
  • December 27th, 2018 – 1st time walking at the big park for 30 min
  • December 29th, 2018 – 1st vet appt | you were so nervous and jittery, but got an A+ from the doc on your overall health
  • January 23rd, 2019 – 1st pizza delivery with Ashna
  • March 5th, 2019 – 1st time eating mom’s roti w/ ghee šŸ˜›
  • March 24th, 2019– 1st beach day at Coronado
  • April 1st, 2019 – 1st time you climbed the stairs | you kept going one step at a time as Aanika and I were cheering you on till you reached the top. Safe to say we were pleased that you didn’t pull an April Fool’s prank on us.
  • April 8th, 2019 – 1st time you hopped onto the couch & watched your favorite show, Wheel of Fortune, with the family.
  • May 25th, 2019 – 1st time watching the sunset at Sunset Cliffs
  • June 8th, 2019 – new trick: opening/closing the backyard screen door with your nose
  • June 11th, 2019 – 1st Farmer’s Market + eating shaved ice
  • August 21st, 2019 – 1st time playing at the Dog Park | when I discovered that you’re an introvert, just like me.
  • September 28th, 2019 – 1st time shopping at the Outlet Mall
  • September 29th, 2019 – 1st Navratri pooja + eating Sooji Halwa
  • October 3rd, 2019 – celebrated Mom’s bday + took a cute photo with her
  • October 14th, 2019 – 1st time eating Panda Express chow mein noodles
  • November 11th, 2019 – 1st time I carried you uphill on our morning walk after you were bone-tired
  • November 30th, 2019 – 1st time hopping up/jumping for rope toys

Sweet Alf, you’ve come such a long way! From the scared little pup we first met to this full of life, energetic and naughty boy, your transformation is truly remarkable. I can’t even express how much we all love you and are proud of your growth.

You’ve taught me that when you fail twice, get up and try a third time. You’ve reminded me that life is about being happy, even if that equates to running through the mud after a heavy rainstorm. You’ve been there by my side with your comforting presence through every tear, every illness, every bright day and every joy.

“Angels appear in many different forms to hold your hand through the difficult times.” – Doreen Virtue

I hope this year was one of the best of your life; may the terrible two’s treat you just as well. Happy Anniversary my lovey-dovey cheeky pie.

Khatri Family Member | Name: Alfie | Weight: 22.7 lbs | Personality: Sweet & Spicy

God bless you, always.

Lots of Love,


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