Travel Postcard: AUSTIN, TEXAS |Mother-Daughter Vacay

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Howdy, friends!

Welcome back to the Conversationalist Blog. I’m excited for this month’s post – my 1st travel postcard of 2019! Can you believe we’re so close to summer- like how are we already approaching the month of May? Time is flying by like they always say and I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to treat my mom for an early Mother’s Day vacay. 

Spending time with loved ones is that precious luxury we constantly crave. Whether it’s sharing a conversation over evening dinner, taking a walk together, calling to check up on one another to celebrating our greatest achievements – it’s the collection of little moments over days, months & years that build this thing we call ‘ A LIFE.’ 

Realizing that we have a finite amount of time having this human experience is the greatest form of awareness. We’re all aging, especially our parents and that’s why prioritizing quality time with loved ones is so important. There’s no guarantee of tomorrow and we can’t jump in a time capsule to reclaim the lost moments we could’ve shared, but we have today. 

So, let’s make it count. 

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

In the spirit of celebrating mom’s, I present to you our postcard from Texas! 

Day 1: April 19th, 2019– 

  • taking a red-eye into Austin
  • eating Texas-shaped waffles at the famous 1886 Bakery & Café at the Victorian style Driskill Hotel
  • walking the halls of the Texas State Capitol Building 
  • exploring creative exhibits at the Blanton Museum of Art. 
  • Checking out ‘The Domain’ outdoor mall & grabbing a bite at Tarka Indian Kitchen 

Overall 1stImpressions – 

  • Southern hospitality = LIKE NO OTHER! From the servers at restaurants, to locals we met in town, to our Lyft drivers, everyone was so helpful in guiding us to the best places and were SUPER friendly. 
  • Great dining options for vegetarians & vegans! 
  • City vibe reminded me a lot of San Diego, whereas the outskirts of downtown and Greenbelt area reminded me of the peacefulness of rural Bakersfield (my hometown). 
  • Outdoor activities are endless here if you spend an extra few days – kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, Hiking Mount Bonnell & Biking Trails into the Greenbelt area.
Brunch with this cutie *heart eyes*

1886 Cafe & Bakery – Driskill Hotel
Texas State Capitol Building

Blanton Museum of Art – Fav Piece

Day 2: April 20th, 2019 – 

  • Scouting out all the unique murals in town 
  • Zilker Botanical Gardens – beautiful landscaping, plethora of gardens, extremely picturesque and serene. 
  • Lunch: ULTIMATE NY-Style pizza at Home Slice Pizza – mom & I got the Margherita pizza and it was finger-licking good. As the daughter of a pizza franchise entrepreneur, I’ve had my fair share of pizzas growing up. The pie from Home Slice was so crispy thin and the flavors were well balanced. Definitely worth the 30 min wait! 
  • Lone Star Riverboat Cruise – very informative and our captains had some pretty funny jokes to keep us entertained. Saw the entire Downtown Austin Skyline + cruised underneath the famous South Congress Bridge where over 1 million bats currently reside. WHOA! 
  • FOOOOOD TRUCKSSSS – Vegan Nom = BEST VEGAN TACOS EVER 😛 | Gati Thai Style Coconut Milk Ice Cream 
ILYSM Mural – Jo’s Coffee – 1300 S Congress Ave
Downtown Austin Skyline Views – Zilker Botanical Gardens
Home Slice Pizza – Margherita
Food Trucks Galore

Vegan Tacos – azada, chik’n & soyrizo with their famous buffalo red sauce & house made nacho cheez 😛

“Who needs superheroes when I have mom?” 

Missy, I’m thankful that we were able to take our second mother-daughter trip. As I grow older I realize how much I enjoy spending time with you. I always learn so much from our conversations and walk away feeling like I can conquer the world.

A mere thank you will always fall short of how much I appreciate everything you do for me & our family. 

I love you, always. You’ve helped shape me into the person I am today.

With gratitude, your daughter, 


Forever Besties ❤

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