A Unique Valentine’s Day Message

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“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.” – Unknown

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! Or as some like to call it “Single’s-Awareness Day!” Whatever you wish to title your celebrations, I’m here to share with you my understanding of love in the simplest form possible. 

I can’t believe a year has gone by since I published my blog post last Valentine’s day on the topic of self-love. Seems like every year it’s the same old traditions I come across; department stores fill up aisles and aisles of stuffed teddy bears, premium chocolates, and put a price tag on the concept of love. Rather than appreciating someone for their kind gestures, we look at the dollar amount they spent in getting us a certain gift or wining and dining us. 

We’ve become fixated on comparison between whose significant other did the “most” to create a public display of love and whose date night idea topped the rest of the groups. In a society too focused on the external expressions of love, I’ve been stirred in my spirit to share a unique message of self-love with you all this year. 

No fancy tips, guidelines, advice or even grandeur words of wisdom. I’m taking it back to the basics. When I think about love, the first thing that comes to my mind is a ‘feeling.’ Whenever we talk about loving someone, doing something for someone “out of love,” or even being in love, it always boils down to a sense of affection, comfort, happiness and peace that fills our being.

Love was never about the materialistic things. And I’m not saying that outward expressions of love aren’t appreciated or significant, rather I believe they should be an addition to creating that genuine feeling between you and another person – never to be supplemented for the other. 

On a note of sharing feelings, I present you this Valentine’s Day with a unique message. In honor of celebrating love, here are my 14 favorite feelings in the world. (I have a massive list, but I tried to be concise and select a few meaningful ones). 

So… here we go!!!

My 14 Favorite Feelings

  1. Spreading love positivity & happiness. Community service/volunteering is the best way I express love for family, friends – even strangers. 
  2. Gulping down that first sip of orange juice/beverage of choice in the morning with breakfast and experiencing that rush of liquid going straight down your esophagus. It’s like water flowing through a river. 
  3. Not having to set my alarm for the next morning. 
  4. Wearing your clothes immediately after the dryer cycle finishes. The warmth is so invigorating. 
  5. A crisp cool breeze rushing across my face and flirtatiously playing with my hair during a morning walk with my dog Alfie.
  6. Finding a parking spot right away when you’re in a rush. 
  7. Holding the door open for someone carrying a large load. 
  8. Greeting strangers and them smiling back at me. Small talk normally makes me really uncomfortable, but something about this quick exchange makes me feel connected on a larger scale. 
  9. Receiving a handwritten letter/card in the mail. 
  10. Hugging a loved one so tightly and feeling their warmth & spirit – for a few moments it feels like all the worries of the world disappear.
  11. Goosebumps traveling down my spine and arms while singing during worship on Sundays. 
  12. Overcoming mental obstacles before attempting a big lift & successfully completing a heavy lift. That sense of strength and perseverance is like no other. 
  13. When a friend reaches out to hangout when I’m sitting around at home getting bored/feeling lonely. 
  14. Knowing the lyrics to every song at a concert and singing them totally out of pitch with the volume cranked high. 

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” – Anonymous

Friends, I encourage you all to take some time today to sit with your thoughts and emotions and reflect on some of your favorite feelings. If you’re single, in a relationship, married, or even if it’s complicated, we all need to remember that we can be grateful for all the love we’re surrounded by. Spend a few moments to take yourself on a date & explore what makes you feel happy, loved, & in a position to give love. 

To all my lovers who just went through or are going through a breakup, being ghosted by your date, or coming out of an abusive relationship, please know that this wasn’t the end for you. Love doesn’t hurt, rather a person who didn’t know how to love you hurt you. Use this day to make steps towards your healing because the show must go on. 

I hope that this message inspires you to evaluate all the ways you experience the feeling of love in your daily life. Once you start jotting them down, I think you’ll be surprised at how many items end up on your list. 

With light & love, always…


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