Book Review- The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

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Happy Autumn Equinox Friends!

Sweater weather is definitely upon us. And you know what that means – a hot cup of tea or cocoa, seasonal PJ’s a comfy chair and a stellar book in hand. What an idyllic scene! 🙂

Can y’all believe there are only 3 more months left in the year? Lately I’ve been taking the time to sit in isolation and re-evaluate my progress thus far. Giving myself that time to reflect on the past has helped shape my vision for the present and future. This year has been all about clarity – in mind, body and spirit.

Keeping up with that theme, this months book review is filled with universal lessons, prayers and divine wisdom. Twelve chapters in length, less than 200 pages and an overall page-turner in my opinion. The Universe Has Your Back is a book that will inspire you and guide you to live in a state of ultimate bliss and freedom. From personal experience I can say that I’ve always acted out of fear. Regardless of your religious beliefs, our society doesn’t give us the tools to live with certainty and put our faith into a higher power. We’re always told to figure it out on our own. Asking for help is often times seen as a sign of weakness or incability. Whether we’re browsing through social media or interacting with others in our day-to-day lives, comparison is a killer. We judge our lives through the malignant eyes of the world. Is it possible to escape this baleful existence?

The answer is… YES!

Universal Lesson: “To be free we must acknowledge our resistance.” 

This book has helped bring joy, certainty and peace on my journey of self-discovery and growth. In order to put things into perspective I want to share my story. When I first started my undergraduate studies I went in full force knowing that I planned to attend graduate school for physical therapy. I did everything in my power to get good grades, rack up as many extracurriculars as I could and do everything and anything related to PT that I could find. It almost became like an obsession. Each morning I would wake up and be reminded (more like stressed out) that in order to achieve my goals I couldn’t “take it easy.”

They said that college would be the best four years of my life. But how come I felt trapped and uneasy? Years went on and there I was, the last fall semester of my senior year. All my peers were getting ready to apply to numerous PT programs and there I was questioning my decision. I was met with such internal resistance that I broke down. Did I chose the wrong path? What will my parents think of my decision? What will other people think of me? Was I a fool to give up now? I had dedicated four years of my life to this path, and now all of a sudden I felt lost.

“Measure your success by how much fun your having.”

Caught up in the midst of running on this hamster wheel, I forgot one essential thing – to enjoy the process. Tasks, classes and everything PT related started to feel like a chore, rather than a passionate pursuit. In those somber moments I turned to faith, to a higher power, to the universe. I prayed to see the light and to be guided towards my true calling.  After months of resisting my inner voice, and doubting my decision to skip out on applying to graduate programs, I stumbled upon my next move.

Friends, your path may not be the clearest at first. Your calling could be hiding behind a sea of things you’re keeping yourself busy with right now. Slow down. Take a deep breath. Sit with your thoughts, and ask yourself if what you’re doing or pursuing is bringing joy into your life?

“The key to trusting in the Universe’s plan is to let go of all outcomes. When we get hung up about how something “should” turn out, then we disconnect with the flow of universal guidance.”

Take a second and repeat this releasing prayer: “I pray and ask for help in releasing my own plan and accept a plan far greater.”

A transformative experience awaits you. Stuck in a rut? Aren’t encountering much upward mobility in your career or personal life? In need of guidance and clarity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to give this book a read. Let’s start a movement of transforming our fears into faith.

“The moment we were willing to shift our internal projections, we shifted our perceptions. When we turned to prayer and inner guidance, we were led to creative possibilities.”

Thank you for joining me again on another book review. Each month I set a goal to pick up a new read. I hope you all enjoyed this months review! I’ll see you all again on the next post.

Till then…

With love,



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