Writing – a key ingredient of my being

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The question has been posed: why do you write? what do you like/dislike to write about? 

Writing to me is a form of creative, intellectual and emotional expression. A channel through which I release my thoughts, wishes and at times fears into the universe. I don’t have an exciting back story as to what motivated me to write, because that’ll just take up more than 1500 words and I know your time is precious. But, if you allow me, I’d like to tell you about my journey and why I started blogging.

I write to capture my memories in a visual album that not only I can enjoy, but so can others around the world. Like my favorite author Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book Big Magic: “if you have a gift, it is your duty to share it with the world.” This blog is an extension of my mind. For many that know me personally, I embody a very introverted personality. As a self-reflective person, I’ve learned over the years to cherish moments of solitude, because they re-charge my energy. So many times during the course of school, work and other encounters with family and friends have people told me “you’re too quite.”

When I was a volunteer at a convalescent home during high school I befriended a patient who once told me: “you don’t learn by talking, you learn by listening.” And that my friends became the maxim of my existence. I’m not a talker, I’m a writer.

Filling a blog post with 500 words has never been a challenge for me, but speaking to someone nonstop for 5 minutes is a struggle. What about silence? What about reflection? All of these key pieces get replaced by nonstop chatter in a world where we keep talking but no one seems to listen.

That’s why I write. Even if nobody reads these posts or cares to listen to what I have to say, I write for myself. I write to document my growth- in all aspects. I write to inspire. I write to empower others. I write to share my experiences in the hopes of helping another in need.

The quote I chose to use for this blog post describes me perfectly. When I write, my mind expands like the vast blue-bodied oceans, like the twinkling galaxies above, like the barren deserts out to the east. Words are more than just a series of letters in a systematic arrangement. They are fuel to the fire of my life. Without saying much, they convey an even greater meaning.

For someone whose always enjoyed cooking, it would be a shame to not include writing as a key ingredient of my being. Because y’all its true. Although my words may not reach everyone, I’ve found my voice. I’ve found a way to speak without ever having to open my mouth. Now when people tell me: “you’re too quiet, you should talk more, so… tell me about yourself, or I want to get to know you, I shamelessly broadcast my blog page.

I mean, they asked and I delivered. Win-win, am I right?! Haha

So friends, there it is! Now you know why writing is so important to me. I’d like to thank Professor Flewelling for posting this prompt, because without it I probably would’ve never discussed this topic on my page. Thank you for sparking my insight and allowing me to share such a crucial part of who I am.


2 Replies to “Writing – a key ingredient of my being”

  1. i agree with you on how writing helps me record my thoughts and memories, unfortunately unlike you i don’t have the passion in writing and blogging, but thank you for sharing your story i really enjoyed reading it!

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  2. Thank you for sharing that.
    Honestly, Ashna, I also love writing, but most of the time I’m too busy grading or planning to do the kind of writing that I love. I’ve recently cut back on my teaching schedule, and your post has reminded me of what I love about writing and what I miss about it. And yes, my words flow through my fingers. (What a great quote.)

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