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Advertisements are essential to our communicative experiences as humans. Before we talked about memes, gifs, and other variations of images that state a message. But, Ads take the genre to new heights. We live in a world where we rely heavily on advertisements to sell us commercial goods. Rather than needing the middle-man salesperson who knocks door-to-door, short 30-second advertisements cut the cost for this individual altogether. Shouldn’t we crave this human connection though? Don’t we want a real person telling us about a product and persuading us to purchase it rather than a corporate made ad? Maybe not…

Recently, and when I say recently I mean within the past 7 months of 2017 I’ve really had a shift in focus on my dietary choices and lifestyle habits. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a kid, but advertisements like the one I saw on have shaped my view about consuming animal by-products. The ad I chose to analyze is the first vegan television commercial released by this organization. It is well designed and hits the bullseye without using any graphic images or dogmatic dialogue.

GoVeganWorld campaign’s kickstarted by the founder of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Ireland, Sandra Higgins. The advertisement was launched shortly after the organizations one year anniversary this past June.

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With rhetorical appeals decorating each page and sub-page of the GoVeganWorld website, their first advertisement emphasizes the importance of motherhood.

“Dairy Takes Mothers Away From Their Babies”

The ad compares the relationship of a mother and newborn baby to that of a female cow and her newborn calf. The designers of the ad play out somber and heart-wrenching emotions when they explain how female cows are ripped away from their calfs in order to produce milk for human consumption. The ad relies pretty heavily on the pathos appeal which is affirmed at the end of the ad where the viewer is given the ultimate decision. The ad designers present this scenario, the emotions create a vivid image of what its like to be torn away from your mother at a tender age, and in conclusion the choice is ours. Do we protect the rights and well-being of these sentient beings, or do we watch from a distance as bystanders?

Although the ad was relatively short and sweet, the website content provided to viewers is detailed and organized. Whoever created this organization seems knowledgeable and credible with the information they provide. For example, they have tabs on the website on what veganism is, how to go vegan, online resources and a guide that can be downloaded straight to the users electronic device. The advertisement and the related resources on the GoVeganWorld website make a clear point to inspire people to essentially live a vegan lifestyle.

This lifestyle is credibly backed up with a plethora of information on physicians and physician associations who support a plant-based diet as well as popular documentaries on the subject. The ad, in my opinion was successful taking into consideration that it was the first televised feature. I appreciated the fact that the ad designers didn’t play heavily on human guilt, but rather a shared experience that could turn on a lightbulb of change in the viewers conscience.

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