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Welcome Back! Wishing you all a happy summer. These past two months have been the most jam-packed 60 days of my life. Striking a balance between summer classes and working at my new job, I’m so grateful to have been able to pencil in some time alone to catch up on my reading list. The bingo theory is a revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships written by YouTube personality Mimi Ikonn. I have been a dedicated subscriber to Mimi and Alex’s respective YouTube channels and have always enjoyed the content that they create and share with their viewers. In many ways, watching their journeys unfold and listening to their personal stories and outlooks on various topics has made me appreciate the beauty of our world. Whenever I need a reminder that hard-work, dedication and vision are the key ingredients to personal and professional success, I watch Mimi and Alex’s videos.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the bingo theory and I will do my best to review the overall theme of the book and how it has practical usefulness and application. Starting with the title, you may be wondering what a Bingo actually represents? “A Bingo is a winning combination of both masculine and feminine strengths.” “The yin and yang, light and dark, earth and sky.” Just like the game, you must have all the winning combination of numbers in their correct order to win.The book begins by explaining how regardless of our gender or the gender by which we choose to identify ourselves by isn’t the only determinant of our deeper energy and inherent strengths. As a male you can have a dominant feminine strength energy whereas if you are a female you can have a dominant masculine strength energy. The theme of the book is that within each individual there are two forms of energy- masculine & feminine. However, one energy can be more prevalent than the other. The task at hand should be to first identify our strength energy and then take steps towards implementing our weaker energy “so that you can enjoy a happy, healthy and balanced life.” Ultimately you want to have the winning BINGO in all aspects of your life, your relationships, and your career.

The first two parts of the book involve identifying your strength energy and then reading about the four energy types through vivid examples. For example, I discovered that although I am a female, my dominant strength energy is masculine. A masculine strength female is someone who is “competitive, driven, ambitious and decisive.” Some traits that define this strength energy include: independent-minded, honest, kind, can’t relax, and find it hard to express emotion.” Defining characteristics for the other 3 strength energies are listed in order:

  • Feminine Strength Female
    • Expressive, Free-spirited, Lacking direction & Struggle with money management.
  • Feminine Strength Male
    • Caring, Cultured, Likes Female Company, Talks Big & Disorganized
  • Masculine Strength Male
    • Logical, Loyal, Strong, Judgmental & In control.

After you’ve identified yourself with a particular strength type, the book goes on to painting scenarios of each strength energy within a relationship. The book aims at helping you seek your BINGO in real life through pairing each energy type with its opposing (heterosexual) strength energy. Now, just like the preface of the book says, BINGO’s can be won in relationships as well as through your career choices. I don’t want to spoil the entire content, so you’ll just have to read the book in order to find out.

Supporting the work of someone who continues to inspire me is always on the top of my priority list. This month, I truly enjoyed reading the bingo theory and reflecting on my own strength energy and developing my weaker energy. I’ve learned that its very easy to play to your strengths but our weaknesses remind us that there is always work to be done. As individuals, our goal should be to strike a balance between our energies and set out to reach that winning BINGO!

I hope you all pencil in the Bingo Theory onto your reading list this summer and fall. It is a quick read filled with real-life examples and applicable tips. Discover your strength energy and develop your weak energy, so that in the end you can cheers to a BINGO. 🙂

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