Hi Friends,

Spring is in full swing! White flowers are blooming upon treetops, the sun is shining brightly on my face, the days are longer and overall I’m filled with a vibrant energy. This month has been crammed with studying for exams, preparing for my research project, getting initiated into an honor society and awaiting spring break. With that being said, having a week off from classes allows me to get back to blogging and chatting with you all. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy reading my monthly favorites and check out some of the recipes that I made.

  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cakes – recipe found on Byron Talbott’s YouTube Channel
    • I admit that pumpkin is a fall staple, but I haven’t made these coffee cakes in months! They are easily a crowd-pleaser and a favorite breakfast item in my household. I decided to whip this recipe together on an early Sunday Morning, and it was delicious. The mixture of pumpkin with cinnamon, ground clove, nutmeg and allspice is dreamy. (Pictured in featured image)

food 170

  • Blogging Day Mug – Francesca’s 
    • My sister and I were cruising around the mall and we happened to check out one of our favorite stores- Francesca’s. I love the vibe this store gives off and I especially enjoy the knick-knacks they sell. Browsing around, I stumbled upon this mug and had to purchase it. Extremely light-weight and perfect for sipping on warm beverages while blogging or surfing the net.
  • Vietnamese Summer Rolls– recipe found on Claire Marshall’s YouTube Channel
    • Anyone who knows me well understands my love for cooking. I usually dabble with all cuisines to get my feet wet with the process and ingredients. Making these summer rolls was a big step forward in my cooking skills because I worked with rice paper for the first time. In the end, the rolls were such a fresh treat on this warm day. Suggested Pairings: chili sauce & Thai peanut sauce. Savory lovers, this recipe is for you!

Made with Square InstaPic

Made with Square InstaPic

food 180

Made with Square InstaPic

  • Alter Eco Chocolate Bars – Whole Foods Market
    • Bouncing off of the theme of first-timers, visiting my nearest whole foods market was an adventure for me this month. For those that don’t know, I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life. Just recently, I’ve been eager to get a deeper insight into what I fuel my body with. Remember friends, quality over price, always! I’m usually not a big sweets person, but I thought I’d give these chocolate bars a try. I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate either, but I kept an open-mind. These bars have a beautiful story behind them and have the perfect balance of sugar. Definitely a guilty-free treat. Made with Square InstaPic
    • “Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.” -Kimberly Snyder
  • Favorite Song– Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers ft. Daya
    • Thanks to my sister Aanika, I was introduced to this song! Perfect tune for the spring & summer season. The beat is infectious and makes you want to jam out during long drives or kick off your sneakers and dance it off.
    • Don’t Let Me Down- YouTube Link

Talk to you all again soon! Have a wonderful week.



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