Italy – Overall Experience & Highlights

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Hi friends,

Thank you for stopping by once again. Today’s blog is going to highlight my overall experience while studying abroad in Italy for the past two weeks. It’s an understatement to say that time flew by so quickly. In order to revive some sweet memories and adventures from Italy, I have decided to use this post as a way to highlight some of my experiences around 6 cities across the Italian peninsula.

Arriving to Rome was a beautiful thrill! I was ecstatic that for once I was able to sleep during the entire flight overseas and not be jet lagged once I landed. I was greeted by some of my fellow classmates in the study abroad group and we had the chance to introduce ourselves and prepare for an amazing shared experience. All of the academic and historic venues were paralleled with the free time we had as a group to explore the bustling city of Rome.

Four days later we arrived in the urban city of Florence. This was a completely new city, with a totally new vibe. The streets were adorned with high fashion retailers and every alleyway led to a historic piazza. Florence, greatly known for its leather factories, shopping, jewelry and stationary was a true spectacle. My favorite feature was the twinkling holiday lights that created glowing archways from building to building. Walking the streets of Florence was no different than walking the runway. 😉

Pictures from Rome and Florence:

IMG_20160116_165702 IMG_20160116_170025 IMG_20160116_173550 IMG_20160116_174434 IMG_20160116_175036 IMG_20160116_173658IMG_20160116_181554 IMG_20160116_180852

Pictured above:

  • Deliciously creamy and sweet Gelato
  • The Ristorante Pizzeria we had our welcome dinner at.
  • The view on top of the Duomo (463 stairs later…)
  • Group experience visiting our first Ice Bar.
  • The beautiful walking path at Villa Borghese.

The adventure ride didn’t stop with our visit to the populated cities of Rome and Florence. Even the smaller towns of Bologna, Padova, and Venice had their own unique charm and landmarks.

Bologna and Padova were smaller cities that we visited during our study abroad itinerary, but showcased the simplistic beauty of Italy. The streets were lined with fresh farmers markets, flower shops, and cafés. My favorite experience was tasting the famous finger sandwiches from Padova called tramezzini with an aperol spritz and the bite-sized fruit cakes from Bologna.

Pictures from Bologna, Padova, and Venice:

IMG_20160116_165257 IMG_20160116_165757 IMG_20160116_165835  IMG_20160116_175126  IMG_20160116_175251IMG_20160116_174812IMG_20160116_180546 IMG_20160116_175546

Made with Square InstaPic

Pictured Above:

  • Fruit cakes & tiramisu bites with a shot of espresso and a creamy cappuccino.
  • Fruit and Vegetable vendors lining the streets of Bologna along with gorgeous flower shops.
  • Cheese and spinach tortellini drizzled with a white truffle sauce.
  • Avogadro’s original textbooks.
  • The colorful facades of Padova.
  • Mozzarella and Pomodora tramezzini sandwich.

Food Stops to check out:

Le Cave Di S.Ignazio Da Sabatino Ristorante Pizzeria – Rome

PaStation – Florence

Vivoli Il Gelato- Florence

Gelateria dei Neri- Florence

Cafe Diemme – Padua

Ditta A.F. Tamburini -Bologna

This trip has been a wonderful academic and personal learning experience. Traveling overseas alone for the first time was nerve-racking during the initial stages of planning this trip. However, this trip has revived my passion for medicine and science while showing me facets of myself that I didn’t know existed. For all of you out there who want to travel and see the world but are holding back, find a way and live the adventure. Give yourself the opportunity to learn about the world and about you. You deserve the best and should experience the history, culture and beauty this world has to offer.

With so much gratitude and love,





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