We just got off a 30-minute train ride from Padova and are welcomed to the overcast and chilly weather in Venice. The water was so calm and reflected the beauty surrounding it. It’s so bittersweet to think that Venice is the last city we were going to visit on our trip. Two weeks flew by so quickly and arriving in Venice has made me appreciate the time I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the sites I’ve got to see.

The day trip to Venice consisted of a tour of the city which was formerly an independent state consisting of 118 islands, 117 canals, 1 grand canal, 108 churches, and 355 bridges. The reason the city built so many churches was because Venice was the only state that fall under the rule of the pope. An interesting fact is that Venice wasn’t discovered until the middles ages (9th century). Modern infrastructure, innovative transportation methods and simply elegant and blissful streets are a trademark of this water town.

Quick Facts:

  • Gold signs with arrows saying “Alla Ferrovia” lead city dwellers towards the train station.
  • Water in the lagoons of Venice has a mix of sweet and salty water.
  • Venice is largely known for Murano glass blowing and Venetian carnival masques.
  • The Frari church has 2 important divisions: Dominican and Franciscan
  • Gondolas are private elegant boats that are black in color, 11 meters long, 1 meter and 42 cm wide and asymmetrical on the right which allows the boat to travel on a straight path.
  • Venice has 394 Gondolieri men and 1 woman
  • Mose doors separate the Adriatic Sea from the lagoons.
  • Venice has only 1 piazza (square of Saint Marco) but many Campo’s.
  • Every Campo consists of a church, a bell tower and a well.
  • In 1797, Venetian became the official language of Venice.

I truly enjoyed the short visit to Venice. My friends and I on the trip had the chance to tour the city and walk along the banks of the Grand Canal before we departed for Padova. This entire study abroad trip has been a wonderful academic and personal learning experience. I thank you all for joining me on this adventure and hope to share my travel diaries with you again in the future.

Till next time, Italy!




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