We visited the Bargello Museum which contains important sculptures and works of art that we have learned about throughout our study abroad trip. Upon entrance to the Bargello Museum, we saw two sculptures of Bacchus, the wine god. His hair is made of vines and grapes that form elegant curls whereas his posture and demeanor convey drunkenness. A very popular feature in sculptures during the Renaissance era was the idea of depicting motion in the subject. The sculpture of Bacchus has one leg forward and one arm forward with the weight of his body on his left leg. It almost feels as if he is about to take a step ahead and walk in front of my eyes.

Two other important sculptures we saw were Verrocchio’s David and Donatello’s David. These bronze sculptures were housed within short distances of each other in order to compare the size and imagery. The face of Verrocchio’s David was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and beautifully captures youth, whereas Donatello’s David captures adolescence and the coming of age. Both sculptures are equally impressive in their similarities and differences. My favorite pieces of art work that I saw today were the bronze competition panels done by Ghiberti and Brunelleschi. These two individuals entered a competition where they had to sculpt a bronze panel that could be chosen to become the panels of the baptistery doors. The panels have such stunning differences and made me appreciate the artist’s perspective of the perfect sculpture for such a holy venue.

Along with visiting the Bargello Museum, I had the chance to explore the city of Florence with my classmates. We had a great adventure climbing 436 stairs to the viewing deck of the Duomo. It was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had while in Italy and cannot wait to climb 416 stairs to the top of the bell tower tomorrow. Layering in academics with adventures was the theme for our day.

See you tomorrow!

Molto Amore,


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  1. Hello cutie. Thanks for making your blog so interesting I love reading it all the details I can imagine being there .lots of walking I don’t know if I like that lol. Good night.


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