Rome: Coliseum, Roman Forum, Borghese Gallery

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We are greeted with another day filled with cloudy skies and pouring rain. It was quite refreshing to experience weather that suddenly changed from chilly to humid within a few hours. I’m so accustomed to sunshine all year long, so being in a city where the weather is so sporadic made me appreciate the little things we take for granted.

Our day began with a 30 minute walk to the Coliseum, an architectural landmark that dates back 2,000 years ago and was named after the Colossus of Nero. Viewing the Coliseum so up close was breathtaking. I felt so overwhelmed and humbled when I stood in front of the structure. So much history, culture, and social entertainment has taken place amongst these grandiose columns and walls. The venue was originally made of all white marble; however the Barberini pope removed it all in order to build his home. During the reign of the Roman Empire, the Coliseum served as an arena for multiple public events. The schedule consisted of animals fights in the morning, then mid-day public executions of criminals and concluded with gladiator fights in the afternoon.

Walking through the levels of the Coliseum made me appreciate the architectural style and knowledge of engineering that was combined to create such an admirable landmark. Along with touring the Coliseum, we had the chance to walk amongst the ruins of the Roman Forum that leads to the former home of Michelangelo, Mussolini’s central balcony where he announced the Second World War, and the “wedding cake.”

Today’s adventure in Rome concluded with a scenic walk through the Villa Borghese. I had the opportunity to look at the baroque artistic style of the 1600’s which was heavily used by Bernini and Caravaggio. Baroque painters are known for their realistic depictions of humans that are physically and emotional eye-catching. Some of the artworks such as David with the Head of Goliath and sick Bacchus are shown in my featured image.

It was a long day filled with loads of walking and discovering new places. Before sunset today, I went on a rather lengthy mediation walk in Villa Borghese. In the rush of time I try not to forget how crucial it is to reflect on the day. Designating time to look back on your day shows you how much you have accomplished. I hope you all enjoy the present moment and give yourselves the gift of reflection.

Molto Amore,



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